The Bradshaw Clan in Park City

The awkwardest one of all. Instant Bradshaw classic. Wish John was here!

Two weeks ago, the entire Bradshaw clan descended upon Park City to wreak its own special brand of havoc on the land. All seven Bradshaw boys, spouses, a gaggle of nine children, two grandparents, a granduncle and the occasional visitor filled a cabin for a week of crazy. Continue reading

Social Justice and the Gospel of Jesus Christ


Everything I know about Christ shows me that He is an advocate of social justice. Tim Kaine said that in high school, “my faith became something vital. My north star for orienting my life. And when I left high school, I knew that I wanted to battle for social justice.” It was my favorite line from his entire speech at the Democratic National Convention. I feel the same way about my faith.

I cannot be a disciple of Christ without seeking to change the injustice and inequity in the world. Continue reading

Black Lives Matter


Every person killed by the police represents a unique individual. Yet, each incident is not isolated. These names are a constellation revealing a predictable and disturbing pattern that underlies every aspect of our society. Connecting their dots outlines systemic racism that privileges and oppresses, honors and dehumanizes, supports and kills people based on race. Continue reading

Finally, Banff.

Moraine Lake

Last summer, Andy and I attempted an epic adventure to Banff and Jasper. Said adventure never took off, literally, as we neglected to bring a passport for Carter and couldn’t get on the plane. Our hastily thrown together Plan B to Glacier National Park turned out perfectly.

This summer – using travel credits from last year’s fail – we finally made it to Banff. It was worth the wait. Continue reading

Three Picture Book Favorites


These three books are our current household favorites. Carter asks for these books every night, knows the characters by name and can quote several pages of text. It’s another reminder to me that stories and books shape lives.
Continue reading

Why I Love the Warriors


The Warriors have turned me into a don’t make plans on game day, stay up late to watch recorded games, read sports articles, watch sports commentary and listen to sports radio kind of person. They’ve turned me into an actually get mad at people making stupid comments about my team kind of person. Here’s why : Continue reading