The Raiders, A Graduation, Obama, The ER, A Smashed iPhone and Father’s Day

A few pictures to highlight an unusually eventful week:

On Tuesday, the Reset Campus Leadership Team got to go to the Raiders headquarters to interview Lamonte Wintson, Director of Player Engagement. We got some great insights and Raiders swag!

Thursday, I attended my seventh EPAPA graduation; this was my first as a member of the audience and not on stage as faculty. It was more fun in the audience because I got to catch up with so many former students and colleagues! Graduations are the most beautiful reminder of the reasons I continue in this work. The pride and joy in each student and their families is palpable; their unique stories are special and inspiring. Hanging with former students and co-workers feels like a family reunion.

I have no pictures from this amazing and joyous occasion because this happened immediately afterwards:


Yup. That is my cell phone. It actually looks quite pretty in the dark when the screen light turns on because all the broken glass makes some sweet, albeit dangerous, color sparkles. I put the darn thing on the top of my car after the graduation as I loaded up baby and then proceeded to drive off with it still on the roof. I can only assume it flew off into the intersection about a block later. I discovered my phone was missing when I arrived at a student’s graduation party, went back to retrace my steps and saw nothing. Several hours later, around ten pm, my step-dad informed me that my iPhone had a miraculous app called Find iPhone – who knew!? He located my phone at an intersection near the school and I went back and found it in the street…probably smooshed by multiple cars!

Friday, this happened.


Yup.  That’s Air Force One.



We got to stand in the viewing pit when he landed and deplaned; Lexie, Carter and I were just far enough that he smiled and said, “I don’t think I can reach that far!” Which means he spoke to us, which is just as good as a handshake in my book! Lexie and I were giddy with excitement.  Judging by his pictures however, baby was not impressed.

That afternoon, Andy, baby and I began driving up to Sonoma County to spend the weekend at a hot air balloon festival. Naturally, baby developed a fever of 103 degrees on our way up. So, instead of relaxing on our get away weekend, we spent a few hours in the ER at Marin General before cancelling our plans and returning home. Yay for responsible parenting. Here’s baby at the hospital, a little loopy from Tylenol, fever and lack of sleep.

Sunday, we celebrated Andy’s first Father’s Day in our Father’s Day fort. Because everything is better in a fort.


We are making memories! Here’s to improved health and many more Father’s Day forts in years to come!

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