Minnesoooota: A Visit to the Motherland

The accent always comes back when I visit Minnesota. I held out for a solid day this trip, but by the second day, I heard it creeping back in oh-so-stealthily. Oooooh. Baaag. Nooooo. Baaaaccooooonnn. Oh wait. That last one actually sounds pretty normal. The added vowels are to illustrate the drool.

4 pounds of bacon, to be exact. In two days. Between four adults and three small children. So, I guess that pretty much sums up my trip back to the motherland.

Bacon. Cousins. And a friend named Pockets that I met in Ghana 13 years ago.

And a beautiful wedding. EPAPA family (that I have no pictures of because I spent the night chasing the crazy baby who thought the party was for him). And Sara and Paul, college teammates that I haven’t seen in at least 12 years, who happened to be at the beautiful wedding too. And, aforementioned crazy baby who (see picture in bottom right corner) is evidently too cool for school.

And finally, a visit to the house where I grew up – my room was in the upper right. It used to all be the same shade of brown with a crabapple tree in front. So many memories; such a different life here. I’ve never had the courage to go knock on the door, but one day, maybe when I’m famous, I’m going to do it.

All in all, a pretty wonderful, less than 48-hour trip. Can’t wait to go back to visit again!

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