Happy Birthday to my Hunky Husband

I made Andy a sorry excuse for breakfast this morning to herald the dawning of a new year in his life. It was too pathetic to document, so lucky for me, it cannot be displayed here for public ridicule. Like the good hubby he is, he acted very pleased about the overcooked eggs, curled up toast and three tiny slices of cheddar cheese on his plate. I realize that it was not difficult for the day to get better from this auspicious beginning; nevertheless, I vow to remember to plan that part of his birthday next year and maybe actually, you know, think about it more than five seconds in advance.

Carter’s birthday present to Andy was the three hour nap he took this afternoon. As you can see, Andy thoroughly enjoyed himself during this time (he’s been banished to sleep on the couch for the last two weeks because of a nasty cough he is trying to spread around the family):

Dropping off baby at Ama and Agong’s for our night of birthday relaxation:

We started his celebrations at Happy Feet Foot Spa; how can you argue with a $30 foot massage that comes with a complimentary one hour full body massage? I say, you can’t. Post-massages, we stuffed our faces with deep dish pizza and started to go through Dr. Aron’s love questions (we got to question 12. To be continued next year when we go on our next date…). Then, we took our big round bellies to a hot tub spa. We capped off the evening with ice cream sandwiches from Cream.  Methinks we’re getting old if this is our idea of an exciting birthday celebration. But this is what life has come to, and we are pretty pleased with ourselves.

Happy birthday to my massage-mongering, pizza-loving, cheesy hunk with a hot bod. Hope the baby gifts us a full night of sleep tonight. I love you!

*Update: Baby started screaming bloody murder at 5 a.m. and did not stop for two hours. Then, he discovered his snack cup with Snapea crisps and magically transformed from psycho baby to smiling baby in a matter of milliseconds. So much for sleep.

Oh well, if you can’t beat them, join them. He won this round hands down. We gave in and propped ourselves in front of the TV; I hope Carter doesn’t learn that if he screams for two hours, he gets TV time! Poking ourselves in the eye to stay awake today…

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