Z is for Zip Lining

Behold our group of thirty-somethings off on an adventure sans children for almost 12 glorious hours.  We are off to zip and clamber around in the redwood canopies of Sonoma.

See our giddy smiles? Other adults! Freedom! Relaxation!

It was not so much that being away from Boogie was a relief – Andy and I were checking in on him and asking for pictures anytime we had service; we missed him like crazy. It was more like hanging out with friends – without our children – was a liberating reminder that once, we sort of had lives. We used to do fun things. We used to be cool.

Well, at least we were a lot cooler than we are now.

Apparently being a parent is really just the biggest acting gig known to humanity, because if this trip was any indication, we are all just faking our way through the day. Really, we are a bunch of screaming, hysterically laughing, squatty-potty watching, trash-talking, giggling immature kids.

Between Alice’s zone out during her 0.5 second practice run, Andy’s terror-inspired delirium, Jared’s sprint and subsequent triple barrel roll off the bridge, Kevin’s squatty-potty, our guide’s jokes, jazz hands and general hilarity, I don’t know if I stopped laughing the entire day. I can’t remember the last time I laughed this much or this hard.

Grateful for friends who created a truly epic day. Good friends, belly-aching laughter, cookies and outdoor adventuring are food for the soul and spirit. Can’t wait for many more adventures to come!


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