Spring Break in NYC


Highlight of our trip to New York: Spending time with my brother, David. Loved all the time I was able to spend talking with him and listening to his constantly evolving perspectives on life. Loved seeing him happy and at peace. Loved meeting his friends. Loved sitting by him at work. Loved pestering him in the morning. And in the evening. Loved hugging him even though he acts like I’m annoying. And eating. Always eating. Love my giant little brother like crazy.

A close second: Watching Carter, Dave and Smurf, Dave’s big husky, play in Dave’s apartment. Carter is obsessed with David Agoo and his 狗狗 (dog). As soon as he woke up every morning, Carter shot up and asked for狗狗? Agoo? 狗狗? Agoo? And, though we’ve been back for three weeks, he still does.

A close third: Spending precious, though never enough, time with family members and dear friends: My stepbrother, Daren, who taught me how to color a rainbow and his hilarious husband, Hilton. Andy’s cousins, Didi and Madison (and family), that I loved getting to know better. Zaby, who I met in middle school at a sleepover where we became friends when I farted while we were hiding behind a car while playing hide-n-seek. Leila, my college roommate, who traveled from Rhode Island just to have an afternoon meal together. Carlos, Whitney and baby Grace, beloved college friends and now, partners in new-parentdom. Daniele, my forever dancing, eating, laughing, talking, “studying” partner. And Tandra, a former student, current Penn freshman, and all-around inspiring human being. It’s not often that we get to see, over a short period of time, so many of the people who have shaped and molded our lives. What a reminder of love and blessings.

A close forth: Eating delicious food. Meeting Levain cookies for the first time. Hello. Where have you been all my life??

A close fifth: A perfect blend of taking Andy and Carter to old favorite places – like my old stomping grounds at Penn (though, what the heck happened?? It looks like a different planet now! What happened to the theater and Philly Diner?) – and visiting new ones.

A Day in Philly:

9/11 Memorial Museum: One of the most powerful exhibits I’ve ever experienced. Brought back a lot of memories from a day I will never forget.

Central Park (I can’t believe I’ve never wandered around inside!):

Subways (Clearly, Carter did not get the memo…):

Boogie taking over NYC and Philly (more like taking a massive poop inside the room where they signed the Declaration of Independence, so I had to change him outside Independence Hall…hence the spread eagle pose by the brick wall)

Did I mention that Andy was deathly ill with a terrible cold all week? In keeping with our recent travel tradition of getting really really sick while on vacation, of course.

Guess this means we will have to go back again! Already plotting…

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