Ay, Poppies! Our Road Trip to the Superbloom

In March, the hills of Southern California erupted in carpets of color after a wet winter that followed years of extreme drought. This wildflower “superbloom” happens maybe once a decade; the last one occurred in 2005.

This year’s superbloom began just as baby Aila joined our family and was so spectacular it could be seen from space. I was determined to see this rare and magical display of color.

Fortunately, the superbloom began migrating north. The hills and highways of the Bay Area are starting to explode with color too. Last week, Andy and I took the kids for a hike at Edgewood Park and Natural Preserve. The flowers were just beginning to cover the ground.

I hoped hiking at Edgewood would satiate my desire to see the superbloom. Alas, it only whet my appetite. So, last Friday, we packed up our car and roadtripped down to Southern California in hopes of catching the tail end of the superbloom. After all, it’s once in a lifetime, right?

Despite spending hours and hours in the car – partially due to a miscalculation of distance between parks on my part! – and despite missing the peak bloom, our crazy road trip with toddler and newborn in tow did not disappoint. We went to Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve and Carrizo Plain National Monument. The hills were still covered in endless sheets of color. I told Carter Heavenly Father reached down with his paintbrush and painted the hills for him.

My pictures do not do the views justice, but it certainly felt like the hills had been painted in a miraculous display of love from above.

And, true to form, now I’m determined to see the next superbloom during its peak. Anyone want to come?

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