Aila Baby

I have loved getting to know my precious Aila baby over the last eight weeks. She has filled our home with a peaceful, gentle spirit. This sweet child eats and sleeps all day. She dozes contentedly in any arms willing to hold her – and there are many – with an occasional peek to make sure her snuggler is still attentive. Notwithstanding daily projectile (and I do mean projectile! I’ve never changed clothes so frequently or done so much laundry in my life!) barfs and a rare blowout, our little Squish Ball stays calm, expressing all her concern through her dark violet-grey eyes.

When she is awake, she watches everything with deep seriousness, absorbing things into her mind to ponder privately. I haven’t yet figured out the mystery of her elusive smile, but when she smiles – perhaps its still reflex at this point – her whole face disappears behind a wide, toothless burst of joy.

It is amazing how a moment, a day, a week, a month can change a life. Amazing how much one tiny person can change a world. Our family feels more whole and complete. Even Carter knows love better because she’s here. He is her big protector and loves to take care of his mei-mei. When we go hiking, he runs up to every person on the trail and announces with pride, “I just have a new baby sister, Aila baby.” She is his pride and joy.

We can’t imagine life without her. She is our Tomato, our Squish Ball, our Jellybean, our Stinker and our cute little Barfy. She is a blessing and miracle.


Thank you to Melissa at A Pocket of Time Photography for our beautiful newborn photographs!


One thought on “Aila Baby

  1. Sweet posting and gorgeous pictures Joanna! I look forward to getting to know your little angel better.





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