Our Yosemite Fix

Andy and I usually go up to Yosemite at least once or twice a year. It feels like home and we need our fix. If we bring our kids up right, hopefully they’ll feel the same way about our backyard – four hours away is basically backyard, right? – National Park.

Our first trip this year was rather a last minute, spontaneous affair. My uncle has a cabin just outside of Yosemite and it is our great fortune that he is overly generous. This trip, we opted for short hikes with wide trails. We are trying to teach Carter hiking safety because, you know, safety first. That, and we want to build his endurance so Andy can have a break from the pack. We have this harebrained idea that we can get back to more hard core hikes in a couple years if we train our kids to hike now. Fingers crossed.

This year’s rains made for some spectacular waterfalls. The first day, we hiked around the Hetch-Hetchy rim and in some places the water blasted onto the trail. On our way back, we stopped to play on some natural waterslides. Carter was in butt-naked, water-splashing heaven. The second day, we went to see Yosemite Falls. They were still so big that the lower viewing bridge was like a wind tunnel with water. Pretty spectacular.

Down in the valley, Carter saw some people feeding squirrels and told them to stop; a ranger gave him a Junior Ranger badge. All in all, it was a pretty awesome last minute trip to one of my favorite places in the world.

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