Aila’s Big Weekend

In June, Aila had a big weekend. She met her Uncle Dave for the first time. She took a couple minutes to warm up, then settled happily into his arms.

David Agoo came for the weekend to join in Aila’s 100-day celebration. My parents threw her a beautiful party 100-day party and we celebrated Aila with many of our loved ones and friends. We felt so grateful to be surrounded by such love, generosity…and gobs of delicious food!

The next day was Father’s Day and Aila’s baby blessing. Again, it was so special to be surrounded by family and friends. I was especially grateful my brother could be there. At church, Andy laid his hands on Aila’s head and blessed her. We believe that through the priesthood power Andy holds, God blessed Aila. We believe that Andy served as a conduit to God’s words. The words he spoke were beautiful. What a miracle.

It was also about a bajillion degrees that weekend, and we moved out of our apartment. Lugging heavy furniture and moving boxes in death heat with no AC equals misery, I tell you. But, we survived. Andy and I moved into that apartment after he graduated. We had two children in that apartment. So many memories there, and we are excited for our next (slightly bigger) home.

Ending an era with a jam-packed weekend, and moving on to a new one!

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