Our Olympic Roadtrip

Andy and I took our middle-of-potty-training toddler and our four month old on a two week roadtrip up to Olympic National Park. Camping with aforementioned potty-training toddler and our four month old was no picnic, let me tell you. Witness all the roadside/trailside pooping we had to clean up:

Hey, I’m just happy he made it to the potty. Pull-over poops and car ride tantrums notwithstanding, camping with our two little ones was worth it. We may have been a tad ambitious to embark on a long camping roadtrip, but I supposed we wouldn’t really be us if we didn’t try.

Andy and I find joy, healing and peace in nature. We connect more deeply, we are happier, and most ourselves when we are outdoors. We love to adventure and explore. We intend to instill this love in our children. We hope if we bring them up outdoors, they will feel at home there too. There is much to learn in nature.

The small surprises of this trip lay in the unexpected kindnesses shown us by random people along the way: a mystery person who found my credit card on the ground and turned it in, the gas station attendant who didn’t charge us for Doritos bag Carter carried around like a precious baby, the wrestling coach who gave me a dollar when we were short on cash at a cash-only fish-n-chips stop, the Airbnb host who married her high school sweetheart while he was (and still is) incarcerated, another Airbnb host who held Aila so we could eat dinner and who let Carter play with his daughter’s Legos, the campground host who went out of his way to keep a site open for us. It was these small kindnesses that reminded me to be hopeful in these divided times. There is kindness. And where there is kindness, there is hope.

Our adventures in pictures…there are a lot.

Day 1: Crater Lake National Park to Portland

Day 2: Portland, Cannon Beach, Astoria


Day 3: Olympic National Park – Ruby Beach and Big Cedar Tree

Day 4: Olympic National Park – Rialto Beach and Hole-in-the-Wall

Day 5: Olympic National Park – Hoh Rainforest

Day 6: Olympic National Park – Sol Duc Falls and Sol Duc Hot Springs

Day 7: Olympic National Park – Lake Crescent, Marymere Falls and Hurricane Ridge

Day 8: Port Angeles to Seattle to Portland

Day 9: Portland

Day 10: Portland to Crescent City

…so. much. driving.

Day 11: Crescent City to Glass Beach

Day 12: Point Arena, Bowling Ball Beach, and Bodega Bay back home

Already plotting our next adventure…


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