Boogie Turns Three

Two was a big year for our little guy. He became a big brother, learned to use the potty, saw a total solar eclipse, learned the hard letters in the alphabet (his favorites have always been P is for poo-poo, T is for train), moved to a new apartment, got his own room, and expanded his conversational vocabulary exponentially (read: he became a little word sponge, talking machine!).

His basketball obsession is unwavering; he has developed some legit shooting and dribbling skills. He’d also be happy to show you a dunk or an around-the-back pass. The newer additions to his playtime repertoire are Legos and airplanes – usually he makes Lego airplanes.

He still loves to dance, and he really loves music. He can listen to his jams on repeat for hours. And hours. And hours. We love when he sings along to his songs, or gets ready to “break it down” during the good parts.

He exerts his independence fiercely, and has no qualms about sprinting way ahead of his old parents when we are out in public. He loves loves loves meeting new people – particularly adults and older children. He loves when people come over and never wants them to leave. He is a sweetheart – especially to his baby sister.

Our charming energetic guy with the big smile and contagious laughter fills us with joy. He keeps us on our toes and lights up our home. We feel like Heavenly Father sent us an angel. We wish our Boogie would stop growing so quickly, but are inexplicably grateful to be part of his journey.

A few snapshots of Boogie, year two…

Despacito (Luis Fonsi without Justin Bieber version)
Any song from the Trolls soundtrack
Get Lucky by Daft Punk
Airplanes by Rihanna
I Don’t Like It, I love It by Flo Rida
Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars
Black or White by Michael Jackson
Good Day by Nappy Roots
Celebrate by Kool and the Gang

A few of his favorite books:
The Adventures of Beekle by Dan Santat
Double Happiness by Nancy Tupper Ling
Please, Mr. Panda by Steve Antony

Favorite movies: Trolls, Cars, Planes
Favorite color: Pink

Where did you goed?
It’s brokening
What’s that funny sound?
It’s ticklish-y
Hi ba-by *kiss kiss hug hug* (to Aila)
Ai-la ba-by..awwww..oh baby…*laying on baby, giving kisses*
Um sure…
It’s okay Daddy/Mommy (when we get owies)
Bigger please (when he wants louder music or more milk)
I’m a basketball guy
You can come with me
All together (as in, let’s go all together or we’re all together or I want to go all together)

Favorite activities:
Legos – making airplanes
Playing with airplanes
Hiking and camping
Reading books
Watching movies, Warriors games

On his actual birthday, Carter was King of the Day. He got to choose the food – rice and beans for every. single. meal. He got to pick the music – see playlist above. We went to Roaring Camp Railroads to ride the steam train. He was in heaven. We stopped by Marianne’s for pink ice cream, then came home for pink cupcakes – all according to His Majesty’s wishes. It was Boogie’s perfect day.

With all the craziness of moving, we didn’t get around to celebrating with family until nearly a month after his actual birthday. This year was all about simplicity. Just a cake, a birthday song and some party hats. Okay, check out that cake though. He wanted a pink ice cream cake and I’m pretty proud of my little creation. I think it must be the Great British Baking Show I’ve been watching. All I can say is: step aside, Baskin-Robbins.

Looking forward to more adventures this coming year!


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