I Love General Conference

I love General Conference. It’s like Christmas without all the commercialism. We hear God speak through the Prophet, Apostles and other church leaders; we are inspired and guided by His words. Before General Conference, I pray to know what questions I should be asking, and on Saturday morning, I write down all my questions at the top of my notes in a red pen. 

Side note:  On my mission, I began using red pen to write down personal revelation and answers to prayer. I took notes in blue or black, and revelation in red. No one knew my note-taking system. One night in my last area, my zone leader called to check in. He told me he’d been praying for me and my companion. Then he said, “I had a revelation for you. I feel like the Lord wants me to tell you this, but it’s kind of weird and I don’t know what it means. He says you need to pay attention to what’s in redDo you have any idea what that means?”

When I explained my note-taking system, we were both moved and amazed by the specificity of God’s revelations for us. He was not only telling me to pay attention to the personal revelation I’d received, He was telling me He knew I received it and wrote it down. I know that He knows us personally and perfectly. And, He is in the details.

This year, my questions related to: strengthening my connection with my children; my relationship with Andy; learning to focus on and enjoy the present; magnifying myself and my time to accomplish everything I need and feel inspired to do; my writing and publishing journey.

All of my questions were directly and specifically answered throughout Conference – as usual. This year, most of them were answered during the first two talks on Saturday and the last talk on Sunday.

My testimony is that Heavenly Father knows me. I have no doubt He knew I was alone with the kids on Saturday. When Conference started, He helped both my kids stay put for 45 minutes while I took notes – that feat alone is nothing less than divine intervention.

After those glorious 45 minutes, I mommied the rest of the day in front of Conference, doing my best to pay attention and catching bits and pieces. When I finally got to sit down with my notebook again, it was Sunday afternoon; Heavenly Father directly answered some of my prayers in those final talks (did you hear the part in Elder Anderson’s talk about inspiration, writing, and revision?).

I love General Conference. I don’t know how I survived without the stream of answers, guidance and inspiration poured upon me during these sacred weekends. Heavenly Father not only answered my prayers during this Conference, He continued to answer my questions in the weeks that followed. Just a couple (less personal) examples:

  • I’m sleeping more – passing out a few times a week when I put the kids to sleep instead of staying up late every night working and writing. I prayed about magnifying myself and my time to get more done and He is making me sleep. I think Heavenly Father is telling me to slow down; I need to sleep more to magnify. All in His time. Not mine.
  • I’m also getting up earlier and exercising – the week after Conference, Aila woke up at 5 am a few days and wouldn’t go back to sleep. I brought her into the climbing gym with me and got some play time with baby and exercise before the day began. Though Aila’s returned to her normal sleep schedule, I’ve continued that pattern of early morning exercise since. I’m pretty sure Heavenly Father made that happen.
  • Andy and I have been on TWO dates in the last three weeks. That’s more than the number of dates we’ve been on in the last year. Wahoo!

I feel loved, known, understood and watched over every time I watch and listen to General Conference. Heavenly Father knows me. He loves me.

He is guiding me every step of the way.






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