Halloween Fun

I have an inkling that Halloween fun will follow a bell curve according to my kids’ ages. Currently, we’re on an uphill swing. Aila’s just a cute little blob, and Carter’s still small enough that Andy and I get to decide his costumes – read: we can still dress up as a family. He’s old enough that he understands the basic concept of trick-or-treating – read: run around after dark, stay up late, GET FREE CANDY – but still innocent enough that when we turn our backs for a millisecond, he’s invited himself into someone’s house and asked to use their potty. He’s still young enough that we can disappear his candy after trick-or-treating and he won’t miss it. And, he’s still young enough that he may go sprinting up the street, laughing hysterically, with us hollering about getting hit by cars half a block behind. So, yeah…I think this age is pretty sweet and I think it will only get better.

FullSizeRender 3

This year, he kept looking at me with admiration and asking, “Are you Wyldstyle [from The LEGO Movie], Mama? Are you Wyldstyle?” Then he giggled with pride and glee when I said yes. At some point around the corner, I won’t cut it on his coolness meter. One day, he will want to hide me in the closet so I don’t embarrass him…which will likely bring a whole new level of fun.

I think that there may be a second wind in fun when I get to stay home and entertain trick-or-treaters…but one can only hope.

This year, Halloween was pretty festive. This year’s costumes were brought to life thanks to Duct tape and spray paint. We made all of our costumes in one afternoon. Though not as many people knew who we were [if you haven’t seen The LEGO Movie, you haven’t lived!] – those who did were immediately kindred spirits. We kicked off the fun at our ward’s Trunk-or-Treat Halloween carnival.

We hit up Moore’s Pumpkin Patch in Dublin and it is officially my new favorite. Carter LOVED the little rides and play structures. I loved that the pumpkins weren’t dumped all over the floor. Aila just wanted to eat hay.

We carved pumpkins with the Bradshaw clan.

We had fun at a little pre-trick-or-treating potluck. Adorable little people everywhere.

Then, we did our civic duty and trick-or-treated in our neighborhood with some good friends; the over-the-top destination Halloween zone down the street is sucking trick-or-treaters from our block!

Happy Halloween and good luck recovering from all that sugar!



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