Besties and Besties

Life is better with a bestie.

In Carter’s case, it’s his pal, Massi (Matthew). Massi is the son of one of my closest friends, and I love how our kids love each other too. 

In January, we spent a day up at Coyote Point – Carter’s idea of heaven on earth. It’s on the water near San Francisco airport. Airplanes fly overhead as they land; for a kid whose idea of fun is driving to the regional airport to watch planes, life doesn’t get much better than this. There are also trails, a beach, and an absolutely enormous playground.

I love watching Carter play with Massi. Love how excited they get when they see each other. Love when they laugh at who knows what. Love when they share. Love when they argue then talk it out (with some help). Love when they play.

Now, Aila has Massi’s twin brothers, Samuel and Ethan. They are only a few weeks apart and I think they already love each other. They just show it through face-grabbing and trying to eat each others’ feet.

I can measure a lot of my life through the friends that have shaped me and the friendships that have grown with me. Adding kids to the mix seems to deepen the love…and the crazy too.



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