Our Annual Cousin Ski Trip

Once a year, the roads of many of my dearest loved ones converge in Salt Lake City. My crazy relatives fly in from all over the country to spend a few days snowboarding, eating and hanging out in a giant vacation home (there was a lofted bedroom above the jacuzzi/shower in the master bathroom…very weird but noteworthy?). We visit the Utah Bradshaw clan and shenanigans ensue. I spend time with beloved friends.

This year, we put Carter on skis for the first time; he was so excited. He skied an hour, took a two hour break, then skied another hour – it was totally worth it just to see him all bundled in gear shooting down a tiny slope. Andy can’t wait to get him on a snowboard.

I also strapped into my board for the first time in almost five years. I got in two runs on my own and one run with Andy. It was glorious!

I basically ate junk food, played foosball and watched the Olympics for the rest of the trip. Also glorious.

This is one of my favorite family traditions EVER.

Shenanigans with the Bradshaw cousins:

Fun times with the Firmage family:

Crazy Chen clan:

Skiing at Brighton:

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