Aila Turns One

I can’t believe my little girl is already one. Where did the time go?

I was so worried before she came to our family: would I be able to love her as much as I loved Carter? Would Carter love her and accept her into our family? Would we survive as a family of four?

The answer to every question is a big, fat, resounding YES. I didn’t know it was possible, but our Baby Waby has only increased the love in our home. Increased the love in my heart, increased the love shared by each member of our family. Carter absolutely adores his baby sister – and it goes without saying that she only has eyes for him. Watching their sweet relationship is a joy and blessing. 

Aila is fiercely independent and fearless. She is sweet and snuggly. She loves to climb stairs, explore, and put things in her mouth. She wants to do everything her big brother does. She is a mischievous little goofball and loves to make people laugh – if you can get in her inner circle (offering her food accelerates this process).

She loves eating shoes and socks, cuddling stuffed animals, and playing hide-and-seek (she hides by putting her hand on her face). She makes the cutest babbling sounds known to humankind. My favorites include: Oooooo oooooo, oiga-doiga-doiga-doig, laga-laga-laga-laga, and of course, ppbpbbbbttthhh. She has a peaceful spirit almost always…but heaven help you if you take away something she wants, her piercing scream might burst your ear drums.

I can’t imagine my life or our family without her. She is a strong-willed angel from heaven and I’m eternally grateful she is mine.

Here are some pictures of her birthday festivities – spread out over several weeks because life happens:

Low-key Playtime on Aila’s Actual Birthday: I was out of town for a work trip the week leading up to Waby’s birthday, so we took it easy and just played at home together with Ama and Agong.

The Baby of the Hour: I could only get the birthday girl to sit still for pictures by plopping a gigantic bowl of jelly beans in front of her. She stuffed so many into her mouth at a time that most of her pictures have intense drooling, or large chipmunk cheeks.

The Birthday Party: We did an owl-themed party inspired by Aila’s constant Ooooo-oooooo-ing sounds. Oooooooooooo means she likes something, ooooo-oooo-oooo means she wants something. We’ve learned to understand her language. Naturally, an owl-themed party comes with tacos. Because tacos are the key to life. Thanks to everyone who made her party such a special time.

The Pinata: Aila’s babysitter, Yolanda (who took care of Carter too – we love her!), made Tomatina a carrot-shaped piñata for the party. This thing was indestructible. After all the littles made several goes at it, we had to bring in the big kids…and even they had a hard time breaking it open!

(Failed) Cake Smash and (Successful) Cake Cutting: Just like her big brother. Let’s just say she did not love smashing the cake. Thanks (again!) to my amazing, craft-genius friend, Katie – who is very preggo and drove two hours to the party – for the adorable owl cake!

Birthday Photoshoot: Feeling pretty proud of my DIY owl lanterns and handwritten chalkboard. I could not get this girl to sit still. I tried food, stuffed animals, toys…she just kept crawling away. So, finally I had to plop her on Carter’s “big boy” chair, and she was so pleased with herself, she finally stayed put.

We are a happier family with our Waby, Choogie-Choogs, Chubby-Chubs, Stinkerdoodle, Tomatina, love nugget!


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