Carter Turns Four

Three started out a little rough for our Boogie. He moved, had a baby sister, and started a bilingual preschool. He had a hard time transitioning to school, and we were called into meetings with teachers several times. But, after a few months, Carter seemed to settle into his new routine and his teachers finally started to see his sweetness and smiles. Thank goodness.

I’ve loved watching him grow as a big brother. He adores his sister and can make her laugh harder than anyone else in the world. He loves kissing her, putting his arm around her, poking her in the belly button, blowing bubbles in the bathwater with her, giving her goodnight kisses, and chasing her around the house. 

I’ve been delighted to watch Carter learning to share and play with Aila. He is increasingly protective and sweet. He says that he feels the love of God when he “plays together with Aila, mommy and daddy.”

Admiring the cake before the party starts.

He still loves basketball, though I believe bball love may have been surpassed by his obsession with airplanes, trains and Mustangs. This boy can name the make and model of pretty much any car on the street, though he has a special love for Mustangs, Teslas and Challengers. He identifies airplanes like a boss and has a special love for 747s,  Airbus A380s, C-130s, C5 Galaxies (which he calls the C5 Galley), and “Chinook military transport helicopters”. He can see the airline of any airplane flying over head (Look! A Southwest! A United! A Lufthansa!).

LEGOs are his toy of choice – he is a self-proclaimed “Master Builder” – and he builds pretty incredible planes. He has an ever increasing repertoire of dance moves and an enduring love of music. He is happy on long road trips just looking for Mustangs and train tracks and listening to his favorite tunes.

He is constantly playing with words, making up new words and mashing words together. He has the vocabulary of a small adult and often startles us with the precocious sounding words and phrases that come out of his mouth. This is adorable when he’s happy, and infuriating when he tantrums.

Our little Boogie is great at talking about his feelings and has gotten increasingly affectionate, sometimes hopping off his bike randomly in the middle of a block and running over to hug my legs, making happy cooing noises, and telling me he loves me. One time, he hopped off his bike, sat down and put his head in his hands. When I tried to hurry him along, he told me he had to think. “What are you thinking about?” I asked.

“I’m thinking about you,” he said. I let him sit there and think as long as he wanted.

He sleeps best in a tight snuggle and we’ve pretty much given up trying to get him to sleep in his own bed. He always finds his way back into ours. He loves being held and is starting to hold others too. One morning, when I wasn’t feeling well, I woke up to him making soft comforting noises, softly rubbing my shoulder and back. I almost died of joy.

Our little guy is growing up too fast. He’s definitely a little boy trying to be a big boy now. When he’s around, the sun is bigger, laughs are louder and everyone feels closer. I am lucky to be his mama.

A few snapshots of Boogie, year three…

Gangnam Style by PSY
Don’t Wake Me Up by Chris Brown (I know, I know…)
Finesse by Bruno Mars (feat. Cardi B)
Thunder by Imagine Dragons
Cruise by Florida Georgia Line
What a Bam Bam by Amara La Negra
What Lovers Do (feat. SZA) by Maroon 5
Way Away by Yellowcard
Standing on the Edge of Summer by Thursday

A few of his favorite books
The Big Book of Airplanes
The Big Book of Planes
Any Hot Rod magazine
Free airplane buyer’s guide pamphlets

Favorite Shows:
Super Wings
City in the Sky
Youtube videos of trains and “ding-dings”

Do you want to play with me?
No, FIVE minutes…
Oh, I have a good idea!
Oh, yeah yeah, great idea, mommy!
Do you want to snuggle me?
Hey, hey! Check out this…!
Wait, I know….
GUESS what…I love you!
We don’t say stupid!
The scratchy monster came.

On his actual birthday, we had a trifecta of airplanes: we rode a plane to Colorado, he opened his birthday present then built a LEGO airplane on the plane, we ate dinner underneath an airplane in Denver. The next day, we rode a train in the mountains. He was in heaven.

We had his birthday party a couple weeks after we got home from our trip. He asked for a train-themed party and we found a local park with a train-shaped playground. I think he had fun…and I’m pretty dang proud of the cake I made for him!

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