Two Families in San Diego

I got it into my head that I wanted to take Carter to Legoland this year. It just seemed like the perfect age since his Lego obsession is in full swing, and his enthusiasm is still so unbridled and joyous. We were able to make a trip to San Diego thanks to our Southwest companion pass (I love that thing!) and the hospitality of my beloved aunt and uncle.

Pretty sure they immediately second guessed their invitation to stay when, at dinner on our first night, Aila had such a massive pootastrophe that she ended up basically naked, and wrapped in rags and napkins from the restaurant!

Legoland was so fun. There were play places, rides and activities for the whole family. I think Carter’s head exploded, then re-exploded, then exploded again all day. Every time we saw a new Lego creation, found a new ride, and finally, discovered the Lego cities, he just couldn’t run fast enough to see them. His excitement was contagious.

The Safari Park was also amazing…at first. We made sure to get there right when it opened and we rushed straight to the kangaroo exhibit. We got to walk in the enclosure with kangaroos all around. Aila loves animals and she was in heaven. Next, we hurried across the park to get to the safari ride. I don’t think Aila could process all the animals we were seeing. She was in some kind of shocked awe and disbelief and so excited and a little scared all rolled into one. After the safari, we ate lunch…then disaster struck.

Aila stood up on her chair (no stopping this girl) and just as I turned to grab her a piece of fruit, the chair toppled over and she smashed her face into the concrete. The results were immediate: an enormous reddish-purple egg erupted on her forehead. Aila and I were whisked off to the medic office where they strongly recommended that I take her to the ER…via ambulance. By this point, Aila seemed totally fine, but they were very convincing. While we waited for the ambulance, they gave me a free pass to the park to make up for missing it all today, and they gave Aila a stuffed rhinocerous (to match the horn on her head?). I’ve decided I’m going to take her back on a mommy-daughter trip sometime this year.

The EMT on the ambulance was so kind. He helped Aila stay calm, even as she was strapped on the gurney and covered with sensors. She passed out pretty quickly. He asked how I was doing and told me not to be surprised if my body shut down later. The ER doc took one look at Aila and said she was find. They gave her an apple juice, she didn’t barf, so they let us leave. I’m just so grateful that she was okay.

Carter was so jealous that she got to ride a real ambulance.

Naturally, we treated ourselves to some bomb burritos from The Taco Stand. Aila stole my burrito and wouldn’t give it back. It was her first ever! We will definitely be going back there too.

We stopped by to see the temple before we left for the airport. I love the San Diego temple. Andy and I had a little mini-moon in San Diego after we got married and we went to the temple and had such a beautiful experience there. I love that when we visit temples, Carter keeps telling us that he wants to go in. I hope he will one day!


We had a wonderful trip…and we were happy to get home.


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