Hi and welcome! I’m Joanna, this is my son, Carter, and my husband, Andy. As you can see, Carter – more commonly referred to as BaoBao (寶寶), Booger, Boogs, Bowsers, Buddy, Chunk Butt, Poophead, or when he has earned a temporary demotion, Turdbrain – is thrilled to have such wonderful, loving parents.

Here are some facts about me in no particular order:

  • I will do anything for a homemade chocolate chip cookie.
  • I have absolutely no sense of direction.
  • I am an INFJ.
  • I love the color yellow.
  • I am an educator. I believe that teaching is an art and that education is empowerment. I have worked in urban schools for past ten years and have worked to redesign our (in)justice system.
  • Depending on the season, I’d rather be in baggy sweatpants, a hoodie and some fuzzy socks or barefoot in a muumuu. Lucky for me, my husband has a deranged sense of sexy and he thinks both of these get-ups are hot. Or at least that’s what he tells me.
  • I love to eat. Sometimes, it is hard for me to go out with people who eat healthy and order salads because I almost always want something greasy and fried with a milkshake on the side. And then I want second dinner after that.
  • I’m LDS. I’m one of those crazy Mormons. I joined the church right before I went to college and I served a mission in Taiwan. I was one of those smiley people biking around trying to talk to you about Jesus.
  • I come from a family that talks about poop the way most people talk about the weather. It comes up in just about every conversation and especially during meals.
  • I detest feet. The only exception to this is baby feet, especially Carter’s little potato feet.
  • I am Chinese and proud of my heritage and identity. He doesn’t know it yet, but one day, Carter will thank me for sending him to Chinese school every Friday night.
  • Andy and I have burrito night once a week.
  • I am an aspiring children’s picture book writer. I believe that we need diverse books and write to give voice to stories untold.
  • I love to dance. I studied traditional West African dance when I lived in Ghana for a year and was a member of an African drum and dance troupe in college. I’m trying to teach Carter my sweet moves.
  • I’m wearing some type of overalls in the majority of my school photos from middle school through senior year. This is because I was on the cutting edge of fashion and very very cool.

That’s me in a nutshell. I hope you enjoy this little journal of the thoughts, experiences and pictures that capture some of the memories and learnings of my journey in life!

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