Our Olympic Roadtrip

Andy and I took our middle-of-potty-training toddler and our four month old on a two week roadtrip up to Olympic National Park. Camping with aforementioned potty-training toddler and our four month old was no picnic, let me tell you. But, pull-over poops and car ride tantrums notwithstanding, camping with our two little ones was worth it. Continue reading

Ay, Poppies! Our Road Trip to the Superbloom

In March, the hills of Southern California erupted in carpets of color after a wet winter that followed years of extreme drought. This wildflower “superbloom” happens maybe once a decade; the last one occurred in 2005.

This year’s superbloom began just as baby Aila joined our family and was so spectacular it could be seen from space. I was determined to see this rare and magical display of color. Continue reading

Cousin Camping Trip

We had an epic weekend camping at Butano State Park with a few of my cousins and their families. I loved watching Carter play with his bigger cousins. He sang “Shut Up and Dance” karaoke to them in their tent. They found over 100 banana slugs. They climbed logs and ate marshmallows. Carter’s sweet cousins took such good care of him. Continue reading

My Birthday Weekend in the Redwoods

So, I had another birthday. It’s always Labor Day weekend. When I was little, I used to hate that because I never got to celebrate my birthday at school and everyone always forgot about it. I’m not exactly sure why it has taken me this long to realize that long weekend birthdays mean I can do more fun things to celebrate!

This year we went glamping in Redwood National Park. We went for the sole purpose of hiking Fern Canyon, one of my bucket list to-dos. Continue reading

The Bradshaw Clan in Park City

Two weeks ago, the entire Bradshaw clan descended upon Park City to wreak its own special brand of havoc on the land. All seven Bradshaw boys, spouses, a gaggle of nine children, two grandparents, a granduncle and the occasional visitor filled a cabin for a week of crazy. Continue reading

Finally, Banff.

Last summer, Andy and I attempted an epic adventure to Banff and Jasper. Said adventure never took off, literally, as we neglected to bring a passport for Carter and couldn’t get on the plane. Our hastily thrown together Plan B to Glacier National Park turned out perfectly.

This summer – using travel credits from last year’s fail – we finally made it to Banff. It was worth the wait. Continue reading