Our Picture Book Advent Calendar

Two years ago, when Carter was just four months old, I started collecting Christmas books to create a picture book advent calendar. Our collection has grown and changed over the past two years as I add new books and put some on hold for later years. I’ve made an effort to include books with children of color, classics, religious themes, and humor. Each year, I wrap and number the books and put them under our tree. This year’s collection includes: Continue reading

Our Halloween Fruit Family

I’m pretty proud of my budget Halloween costumes this year. I made costumes for our whole family for less than ten dollars! Although Carter refused to wear his grapes, we did manage to pin one on him for the first twenty minutes of trick-or-treating, so I’ll count it as a success! Continue reading

Carter Turns Two

We had a little birthday party for Carter, themed “Carter’s Having a Ball!” in honor of his love of all things ball related. And his love of dancing. And his love of generally having fun. It really takes a village and we are blessed to have such a wonderful one supporting our family! Continue reading

On Christmas Traditions

True to my overthinking self, I’ve spent a lot of time pondering the type of spirit, lessons, feelings, experiences and memories I’d like to create in my family. I’ve landed on something like Christ-centered, service-oriented, magical, spiritual, love-filled, joyful, fun and family-focused. Or something. Continue reading