Ten Days in France

‘Twas a whirlwind non-stop travel day to attend the wedding of my good friend, Zaby, in Montréal-du-Gers, France. We were up at 4 am for our early morning flight to France (with a layover in Atlanta), landed in Paris around 10 am, took an hour-long shuttle ride to the train station, rode the TGV for 3.5 hours to Agen (this was the highlight of Carter’s entire trip), took a 15-minute taxi ride to the rental car station, rented a car and drove for another hour to Montréal-du-Gers. Continue reading “Ten Days in France”

Carter Turns Five

Our little Boogie is too quickly becoming a big boy, though some things haven’t changed:

  • His enduring love of LEGOs and all things transportation. I suspect these passions will continue throughout his life. I never thought that I’d be looking for ways to take public transportation as a form of entertainment for my kids, but here we are.
  • His cooing snuggles when he’s happy to be loved on and cuddled and squeezed and kissed.
  • His desire to be held tight when going to bed. He loves to be snuggled to sleep and falls asleep quickly when someone holds him close. This is hands down my favorite part of every day.
  • His ability to talk about his feelings and share his thoughts. I almost don’t mind the rough patches because I know we will always be able to talk things out and hug afterwards.
  • His love for Aila. This shows up in sweet talk, play time, goofy giggles, bathtime splashes, teaching moments…and also working through sharing, learning patience when she destroys his creations, and trying to include her when she follows along. I love watching them play and learn and grow together. It’s one of my favorite things in the world.
  • His sweet dance moves.
  • He is so affectionate and sweet. Every day when I come home from a long day at work, he yells, “MOOOMMMMMMMMY!” and runs and tackles me to the ground in a huge hug. This is another favorite part of my day…basically all my favorite parts of each day involve snuggles and tackles and hugs with my kids.

Continue reading “Carter Turns Five”

Our Portland Summertime Escape

I drove the kids to Portland. Yes, that’s right. DROVE. BY. MY. SELF. all the way up there. (I wasn’t kidding when I said surviving 16 hours on the plane to Taiwan has emboldened my traveling with children mentality). And, guess what? Not only did we survive, but it was pretty fun. We survived on snacks, more snacks, even more snacks, the same 3 songs over and over for 12 hours…and my secret travel weapon: balloons. Continue reading “Our Portland Summertime Escape”

Camping in Yosemite Valley

I think there is a universally accepted truth that camping with friends – especially those who have kids – makes camping 10,000 times easier with little ones. It took some coordinating; we met virtually at some early hour of the morning to reserve camping spots and miraculously found one that worked with all of our schedules.

There are some people that fill me with light, and the Willis’ are a whole family of such people. I’m grateful for friendships that have lasted since our awkward middle school years! Continue reading “Camping in Yosemite Valley”