7 Reasons to Take Young Kids Camping

Andy and I start taking our kids camping when they are about four months old. Carter’s first time was on an outdoor ed trip I led with students, and I ended up sleeping with him in the back of an Expedition. Aila’s first camping experience was last year’s two-week road trip up to Olympic National Park.

This year, our first camping trip was in Sequoia National Park with my brothers and their partners (and Smurf!). Camping with kids is not exactly a relaxing experience (looking at you firepit of death), but to us, it is worth the extra planning and stress. Here are a few reasons why: Continue reading “7 Reasons to Take Young Kids Camping”

Staying at Sea Ranch

We celebrated my step-dad’s birthday and kicked off our summer with a weekend trip to Sea Ranch with my family. My brother, Dave, was in town after road-tripping from New York with his girlfriend, Emily, and his doggie, Smurf. I’m not sure if the kids loved Smurf or the ocean more.

My Easter Miracle

Since my baptism in August 2000, I have asked many questions about the gospel, church history, Mormon culture, and modern day revelation. I am often critical – as I also am of society in general. I am constantly aware of things we can do as a people, and as a Church, to be better. This questioning and critical lens come from a place of love for people and the Savior. Continue reading “My Easter Miracle”

Aila Turns One

I can’t believe my little girl is already one. Where did the time go?

I was so worried before she came to our family: would I be able to love her as much as I loved Carter? Would Carter love her and accept her into our family? Would we survive as a family of four?

The answer to every question is a big, fat, resounding YES. I didn’t know it was possible, but our Baby Waby has only increased the love in our home. Increased the love in my heart, increased the love shared by each member of our family. Carter absolutely adores his baby sister – and it goes without saying that she only has eyes for him. Watching their sweet relationship is a joy and blessing.  Continue reading “Aila Turns One”