A Lesson on Love after Six Years of Marriage

I’ve learned that we don’t know what we’re signing up for when we get married. But when we fall in love, and when we get married, we are signing up for life together, no matter what it brings. We are signing up to fight each other’s battles. We are signing up to stand together in the face of every obstacle and challenge that may come our way. We are signing up to support each other always. We are signing up to never stop trying, learning, understanding, growing and loving. It isn’t always easy, but it sure it beautiful. Continue reading

I’ve Decided I’m Moving To Kauai

At least, I will one day. I guess I could settle for Hawaii in general, though twist my arm, I guess I better visit the other islands just to make sure I would like them.

Our five year anniversary celebration trip – four months late and in the next calendar year – was amazing! Our trip mantra became We are Boss Hogs. Continue reading