Brothers and Sisters

As a highly experienced mother of two – three weeks, two days and counting! – I’m starting to realize that almost nothing in the world gives me greater joy than watching my two babies love on each other. Currently that love flows most visibly in one direction: Carter to Aila. But, I’m sure somewhere in her sleeping, pooping, nursing brain, Aila Baby is registering all of Carter’s affections and learning to love because of them. Continue reading

Taking Back Those Judgy Parenting Thoughts

There’s nothing like having a baby to make you question all the judgmental thoughts you’ve ever had about parents. I think I’ve spent a significant part of the last year and half retracting – outwardly and internally – judgments I’ve made about people and their kids. Traveling for a week in New York City somehow brought these thoughts into sharper focus.

I take it all back. I’m very very very very very very sorry. Please karma, you don’t need to come around for me. I’m embarrassed – no, horrified – to admit I ever thought this way. Here are some judgy-wudgy thoughts that I take back, delete, repent of, erase and throw away forever: Continue reading