Our Olympic Roadtrip

Andy and I took our middle-of-potty-training toddler and our four month old on a two week roadtrip up to Olympic National Park. Camping with aforementioned potty-training toddler and our four month old was no picnic, let me tell you. Continue reading “Our Olympic Roadtrip”

Cousin Camping Trip

About one month ago, we had an epic weekend camping at Butano State Park with a few of my cousins and their families. I loved watching Carter play with his bigger cousins. He sang “Shut Up and Dance” karaoke to them in their tent. They found over 100 banana slugs. They climbed logs and ate marshmallows. Carter’s sweet cousins took such good care of him.

Also, lesson learned. Camping with other kids makes life so much more relaxing for me and Andy. We had an amazing time. We hope this is a tradition we continue for many years to come!

Finally, Banff.

Last summer, Andy and I attempted an epic adventure to Banff and Jasper. Said adventure never took off, literally, as we neglected to bring a passport for Carter and couldn’t get on the plane. However, our hastily thrown together Plan B to Glacier National Park turned out perfectly.

IMG_5364This summer – using travel credits from last year’s fail – we giddily boarded our plane to Calgary. The flight was smooth…until Carter got motion sick and threw up all over me as Andy frantically tried to catch barf in the flimsy barf bags. I smelled amazing going through customs.

After a cozy AirBnb night in Calgary, we finally made it to Banff. It was worth the wait. Continue reading “Finally, Banff.”