A Cousin Wedding Reunion

Every few years, my family gets to reunite at a family wedding. I look forward to our family gatherings with gleeful anticipation; reunions with my 22 Chen cousins are always sprees of unfiltered, face-stuffing fun and laughs.

This year, we gathered to celebrate my cousin Spencer’s wedding in DC.

We took a red-eye (with a layover!) to DC. This is how we felt afterwards:


Nevertheless, we powered through the day. Naturally, our first stop was for fatty sweets; we stopped at Baked and Wired for some yummy cupcakes. Then, we pushed on at the National Zoo. I got it into my head that needed to see Bao Bao, the panda, and it was worth it!

The wedding day included a cousin brunch, the wedding ceremony, and hallelujah! a cousin trip to Cafe Rio, which apparently exists in DC. Carter loved loved loved playing with all his cousins. Andy and I loved the older cousins who took care of Carter for us!

All I can say is this wedding had a Star Wars theme, a Star Wars cake and blinking light sabers on the dance floor. Also, the happy coupled danced to the lantern song from Tangled and there was a little kid karaoke of “Let it Go” from Frozen. So, basically this wedding ruled, even though my pictures didn’t.

After the wedding, we pulled off another marathon day starting with a cousin brunch (surprise surprise), church, the Air and Space Museum – where Carter continued his tradition of pooping outside National landmarks – a failed attempt to see more National landmarks (it was too hot), shuttling people to the airport and then dinner with my aunts and uncles. Carter loved sleeping at “Ava baby’s house” and playing with her…and all of her toys.

I feel so blessed to have such an amazing and tight-knit group of cousins. I can’t imagine life without them. I can’t wait until the next family wedding! Who’s up?




The Bradshaw Clan in Park City

Two weeks ago, the entire Bradshaw clan descended upon Park City to wreak its own special brand of havoc on the land. All seven Bradshaw boys, spouses, a gaggle of nine little children, two grandparents, a granduncle and the occasional visitor filled a cabin for a week of crazy.

Andy and I drove to Utah with Carter, the best road-tripping toddler on the planet. We stopped in Tahoe to visit with dear friends who were serendipitously in town from Oregon. We braved a night at Circus Circus in Reno to break up the drive.

The week in Utah is a blur of binge-watching Olympics, hot tubbing with kids, cooking, eating, visiting friends, playing in the reservoir, eating Cafe Rio, BBQ-ing in the rain and hanging with family.

And of course, the requisite Bradshaw Boy awkward family photos: