Summertime Beachtime

Since quitting my job, I have approached life differently. I feel less burdened by convention, more willing to try new things. I’ve also made a conscious effort to stop living life on hold. I don’t know how long this period of flexibility (two jobs, flexible scheduling) will last, and I feel like I must take advantage of the opportunity.

Translation: work hard. play hard.
(As opposed to work hard, think hard about playing but sleep on the couch instead).

This summer, we’ve been reacquainting ourselves with California’s beautiful beaches. It has been lovely!

Pomponio State Beach, Pescadero
For the Fourth of July, we ate Arcangeli’s garlic artichoke bread (the real reason I wanted to venture to Pescadero) on the beach and ran into old friends, Esmeralda and Jaime.

Capitola Beach, Capitola
I can’t believe I’d never been here before. Carter loved playing with his bestie, Massi (he can’t say Matthew yet), sneaking over to sit in some random stranger’s pink beach chair, and watching the junior lifeguards workout on the beach.

Cowell Ranch Beach, Half Moon Bay
Carter and Massi are the best beach buds. Also, someone in our group had this incredible, inflatable, lounging contraption and I’m determined to get one too.

Santa Barbara
Continuing this summer’s tradition of semi-spontaneous adventures, we road-tripped down to Santa Barbara with my mom and step-dad. It was theoretically, a beach trip. However, true to form, we spent more time eating than we did beaching. My mom sampled almost every flavor of ice cream at McConnell’s before the poor server had to cut her off. She ordered FOUR scoops of ice cream for herself. So, in case there was any question, she is the source of my gluttonous eating genes.

Summertime is the best.

Oh, How I Love Winter Break


Two days back at work, and winter break already seems like a distant mirage of a memory. I’m crying inside. Booger and snot crying everywhere. How I long for those long, luxurious days of unplanned whatever-I-feel-like-doing days.

Loved the time I got to spend with family and friends. Especially my brother, Dave, who was home for over a week! WHOOHOO! Loved the daily naps I took with Carter. Loved climbing. And Star Wars. And animated movies. And eating. and eating. and. EATING.

That’s how we do in my family.

Here’s to you, wonderful winter break of glorious indulgence. Hope you or one of your relatives comes back to me again soon.


Some of the little Booger’s highlights of the last week:

We’ve Got Five On It

It’s been five years of happily ever after for Andy and I and we finally had an anniversary celebration (that did not end up in the ER!). Considering all the ideosyncratic and oh-so-special things we’ve learned about each other since we got married, it’s a miracle there is any magic left to celebrate at all!

Our top five “Things that I love that I only learned after we got married” about each other:

Andy’s List about Me:

  1. When Joanna puts on her garments (special Mormon undies) she pulls them way up past her belly button and lets the elastic snap back down while doing a very mini squat with her knees pointed slightly outward. Hot.
  2. Joanna throws her leg over anything unfortunate enough to get in her way when she sleeps. She sprawls and expects you to like it. The bed looks like a tornado hit it after she wakes up; blankets, pillows, sheets are strewn in her path.
  3. She has the magical power of spilling everything she touches onto herself.
  4. It seems Joanna never learned that she can bend her knees when she needs to pick things up from the floor. She bends only at the waist. This also makes her a very distinctive figure when she snowboards.
  5. At any given moment in time, Joanna has absolutely no idea where she is on the face of the earth.
  6. Bonus: When Joanna sits on the toilet, she sits up perfectly straight no matter the time of day or what she is doing.

My List about Andy:

  1. I didn’t know that belly button lint was a real thing until Andy and I had been married a few years. It is real, people. My sexy husband is a belly button lint machine. It keeps our marital magic alive.
  2. Andy sucks at planning surprises. Even if he somehow manages not to blurt out all the details right away, he always gets so excited about them that he has to tell me a surprise is on its way. Which ruins the surprise.
  3. He makes up songs and raps whenever he is with the baby. Diaper changing rap, bath time song, feeding beatbox, getting dressed song, playing with toys rap…there are new songs everyday.
  4. When Andy is overly exhausted, he goes into drunk, goofy, slow-motion, mode. Currently he is singing, “Come into the kitchen if you want your iceee creaaaam. Ooooh de laa leee ooooh de laa leeeeee. Say what, way whaaaat. Straight up trippin’ boo. Ooooh de laa lee oooh de laaa leeeeeee.”
  5. Andy has a creepy sexy face and creepy sexy poses when he is feeling sexy.

Baby chillin’ like a big boy with Agong, ready for his first sleepover at Ama and Agong’s house:


A lovely night out together. New goal: do this more often!

Family celebration in Half Moon Bay and baby’s first bike ride.

Here’s to the next five years of oh-so-magical and super creepy sexy happily ever after!