Aila Turns Two

My oh my, I don’t know what we have gotten ourselves into with our little firecracker, but it’s going to be a fun ride. Let’s start with food. When Aila is hungry, she opens her mouth super wide, and points to it. Repeatedly. Perhaps you’ve seen the videos of her eating burritos or spaghetti (or photos of her with chocolate smeared all over her face and hair and hands and car seat…). If not, you should check them out. They’re a thing. This girl could single-handedly stuff a super burrito into her face and eat it like a boss before she turned two. Even the burrito company was impressed. Continue reading “Aila Turns Two”

Carter Turns Four

Three started out a little rough for our Boogie. He moved, had a baby sister, and started a bilingual preschool. He had a hard time transitioning to school, and we were called into meetings with teachers several times. But, after a few months, Carter seemed to settle into his new routine and his teachers finally started to see his sweetness and smiles. Thank goodness.

I’ve loved watching him grow as a big brother. He adores his sister and can make her laugh harder than anyone else in the world. He loves kissing her, putting his arm around her, poking her in the belly button, blowing bubbles in the bathwater with her, giving her goodnight kisses, and chasing her around the house.  Continue reading “Carter Turns Four”