Family Photos 2018

Last year we attempted to take family photos, but Andy got a migraine the morning of the photo shoot and both kids had low-grade fevers…so that was awesome.

This year, we took photos with Katie Heiner Photography, who I discovered through a mutual friend after she posted a giveaway on her family travel Instagram account. Sadly, I didn’t win the giveaway, but this is a great example social media’s benefits – making connections that might not otherwise have existed.

I was looking for someone to take headshots for upcoming writer news (eeek!), and thought it would be perfect to get some family photos while we were at it. Of course, in the end, we chose mostly family photos and only a couple headshots…I don’t need that many photos of myself, amirite? Plus, my kids are cuter and I’d rather have pics of them.

We were thrilled at the pictures and so grateful we decided to do them this year. Katie did an incredible job. I love photos, and it’s so nice to have some taken by someone who actually knows what she’s doing! Continue reading “Family Photos 2018”