Aila Baby

I have loved getting to know my precious Aila baby over the last eight weeks. She has filled our home with a peaceful, gentle spirit.

We can’t imagine life without her. She is our little tomato, our Squish Ball, our Jellybean, our Stinker and our cute little Barfy. She is a blessing and miracle. Continue reading

Brothers and Sisters

As a highly experienced mother of two – three weeks, two days and counting! – I’m starting to realize that almost nothing in the world gives me greater joy than watching my two babies love on each other. Currently that love flows most visibly in one direction: Carter to Aila. But, I’m sure somewhere in her sleeping, pooping, nursing brain, Aila Baby is registering all of Carter’s affections and learning to love because of them. Continue reading

Why I March

Online, someone asked me why I marched. The reasons are almost too many to list, and seem to grow every day. But, it was a good question and one that deserves an answer. This is a stream of consciousness attempt to answer that question – it’s a scratch on the surface. Let’s talk sometime. Continue reading

Introducing Splash Siblings

After our miscarriage this past June, Andy and I were surprised and overjoyed when we found out I was pregnant. We feel tremendously blessed and know that our lives are guided by a Father in Heaven. Sometimes, life feels like it is split into many buckets – family, work, school, friends, health, hobbies etc – and in different seasons different buckets either runneth over or feel wanting. Continue reading

On Pressing Forward after the Election

We must embrace love. Love must be unconditional, but it does not have to be blind. We love, and we fight for light.

To fight for the light means we must acknowledge that darkness exists. It is not enough to say let’s just be kind to one another. To do so without acknowledging the ugly is more harmful than good. To do so implies the privilege to ignore realities that so many of us have lived for generations. We must be honest. And we must act.
Continue reading

A Lesson on Love after Six Years of Marriage

I’ve learned that we don’t know what we’re signing up for when we get married. But when we fall in love, and when we get married, we are signing up for life together, no matter what it brings. We are signing up to fight each other’s battles. We are signing up to stand together in the face of every obstacle and challenge that may come our way. We are signing up to support each other always. We are signing up to never stop trying, learning, understanding, growing and loving. It isn’t always easy, but it sure it beautiful. Continue reading

Social Justice and the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Everything I know about Christ shows me that He is an advocate of social justice. Tim Kaine said that in high school, “my faith became something vital. My north star for orienting my life. And when I left high school, I knew that I wanted to battle for social justice.” It was my favorite line from his entire speech at the Democratic National Convention. I feel the same way about my faith.

I cannot be a disciple of Christ without seeking to change the injustice and inequity in the world. Continue reading

The Angels in Our Lives

I believe in angels. Both the ones we see and the ones we don’t. Heavenly Father has been sending an army of angels to me and they are filling me with love. They are reminding me who I really am. They show me that He hears and answers my prayers. He is always aware of me and I am so incredibly grateful. Continue reading

No One Mentioned How Much a Bundle of Love Can Test a Marriage

There are many things no one tells you about having a child. The sheer number of times you will be barfed, peed and pooped on, for starters. Or, the strange genetics that completely change your sleeping patterns, for another – I went from sleeping like a dead rock to waking the instant Carter makes a peep; Andy went from waking the instant I shifted in bed to sleeping like a dead rock through basically everything. However, for Andy and me, the single most surprising shift since becoming parents is the way in which our relationship has been sorely tested. Continue reading