7 Reasons to Take Young Kids Camping

Andy and I start taking our kids camping when they are about four months old. Carter’s first time was on an outdoor ed trip I led with students, and I ended up sleeping with him in the back of an Expedition. Aila’s first camping experience was last year’s two-week road trip up to Olympic National Park.

This year, our first camping trip was in Sequoia National Park with my brothers and their partners (and Smurf!). Camping with kids is not exactly a relaxing experience (looking at you firepit of death), but to us, it is worth the extra planning and stress. Here are a few reasons why: Continue reading “7 Reasons to Take Young Kids Camping”

My Birthday Weekend in the Redwoods

So, I had another birthday. It’s always Labor Day weekend. When I was little, I used to hate that because I never got to celebrate my birthday at school and everyone always forgot about it. I’m not exactly sure why it has taken me this long to realize that long weekend birthdays mean I can do more fun things to celebrate!

This year we went glamping in Redwood National Park. We went for the sole purpose of hiking Fern Canyon, one of my bucket list to-dos.

It took fooorreeeeevvveerrr to drive up, but…[read the captions!]

We spent my actual birthday hiking Fern Canyon, hanging on the beach, eating s’mores and watching shooting stars with some of my favorite people in the world.

The next day, we took Boogie on a mini-trail so he could practice hiking with his new toddler-sized pack. Also, we want him to start hiking long distances so we don’t have to carry him any more. Also, redwood trees are amazing.

I say birthdays don’t get much better than this!