Black Lives Matter

Every person killed by the police represents a unique individual. Yet, each incident is not isolated. These names are a constellation revealing a predictable and disturbing pattern that underlies every aspect of our society. Connecting their dots outlines systemic racism that privileges and oppresses, honors and dehumanizes, supports and kills people based on race. Continue reading

I Am Asian. See Me.

Like any form of racism, invisibility is a silencing of our voices. It is a rejection of our collective and individual experiences strengths and needs. It is division. Discrimination. Disempowerment.

It allows a caricature of reality to be used to perpetuate our existing institutions and structures. Invisibility maintains the status quo. Continue reading

Not In My Backyard (NIMBY) Syndrome

It seems so many of us are willing to support inspiring causes, good work and social change when it can be done from behind computer screens in the safety of our own homes. But, should the work actually require a change in our lives, a commitment, an action toward professed beliefs, resistance is immediate and swift. We are good people who believe in good things, but very few of us want to examine our deeply ingrained and subconscious beliefs about other human beings. It’s easier to say we want change than it is to live it. Continue reading