Ten Days in Colorado

This trip was inspired by my credit card. It has a beautiful background of snow-covered mountains that I assumed were someplace impossibly far away. When I learned the mountains were in Colorado, I decided we had to pay them a visit. Andy would like everyone to know that he knew all along they were the Maroon Bells in Colorado…to which I say, why did it take him five years to share this information with me?

To be honest, I really wanted to travel internationally this year, so initially, I wasn’t as stoked about Colorado as I usually am for our family adventures. But, Colorado won me over right away. I wish we could have stayed longer; I feel like we just barely scratched the surface. Continue reading “Ten Days in Colorado”

One Night in AirBnb’s Number One Listing

I stumbled upon AirBnb’s number one listing while looking up places for a weekend trip with my family. Lo and behold! It was only an hour from my home! There was one night open in a sea of months booked solid! I had to book it.

Kudos to me for making a semi-spontaneous plan…just three weeks in advance. It’s progress. I was pretty proud.

Kitty and Michael, builders of the Mushroom Dome, are pretty awesome. They built their entire house, the Mushroom Dome and the Hummingbird Haven. They gave us goat milk. They’ve let several people build tiny homes on their land to prevent homelessness. There seem to be hundreds of hummingbirds swooping around their home. Kitty is a social activist with inspiring stories. The morning we were there, she saved a grove of redwood trees from being chopped down by PG&E, then offered us a free night in their Hummingbird Haven because of the chainsaw noise. Rad.

After a peaceful evening, we relaxed all morning then hit up the beach after lunch. Cheers to amazing people, beautiful weather, and semi-spontaneity!

The Mushroom Dome Cabin
Morning nap in the loft bed
Carter the walrus
Fun times at the beach
No trip to Santa Cruz is complete with a stop at Marianne’s!