Three Books Featuring Asian Kids

A special jar helps a young girl find new friends and adventures; a young boy prepares to climb a mountain; a young girl overcomes the embarrassment of the ugly vegetables her mom grows in their garden. You can find these books at your local library! Continue reading

The Power of Diverse Stories

This is one reason diverse stories are important. It is not because they are trendy. It is because they are necessary. We need them to shape society today and for generations to come. They teach us to see a reality beyond stereotypes. They make it difficult to define any one group by a single false narrative. They allow us to see the diversity within diversity. They build empathy and remind us of our common humanity. They create change. Continue reading

Three Picture Book Favorites

These three books are our current household favorites. Carter asks for these books every night, knows the characters by name and can quote several pages of text. It’s another reminder to me that stories and books shape lives.
Continue reading

Starting My Publishing Journey

Remember oh, early December, when I wrote this post on diversity in children’s books? I made a commitment to publish books for children of color and committed to publishing something myself if I didn’t have something in the works by June.
I take it back. Clearly, I had no idea what I was talking about when I made that commitment. Since then, I have taken a few little steps into the world of children’s publishing. Continue reading